CSS Fragrances

Your website never smelt better

Over the years web developers have found new and better ways to serve audio and video content online.

Now you can delight your website visitors' olfactory senses as well as their visual and auditory ones.

With this world first from Allies, you now have a simple to use technology to emit fragrances.

Getting Started


1 Download the CSS file


2 Add classes to your HTML


3 Let your users sniff away


Add the smell of chocolate to the entire page with the fragrance-chocolate class.

<body class="fragrance-chocolate">...

Add the smell of roses to a link with the fragrance-roses class.

<a href="rose.html" class="fragrance-roses">Smell The Roses</a>

Add the smell of popcorn to a button with the fragrance-popcorn class.

<button class="fragrance-popcorn">Movie Time</button>

Note: Fragrances applied to a and button tags only trigger on click.

All Scents

Our fragrance collectors are busy in the field gathering more scents to bring you soon

Allies are also talking to Google about hooking into the AromaBase developed for the now defunct Google Nose.

About Allies

Allies develop technology which enables businesses to lookup, validate and geocode addresses.

Our tech has been integrated into websites, mobile apps and software by some of the world's largest corporations and most innovative start-ups.

Even if you don't know our name, there's a good chance you’ve already used our technology.

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